Monday, April 25, 2011


Janmck Hilado Trainings

How To Be Truly Rich Seminar
by Bro. Bo Sanchez

Held at the:
Jones Avenue, Cebu City
June 4, 2011

Ticket price is P497 Only!!! Few seats left only!! So get yours now!

For more info visit:

Or Contact:
Jan Hilado / Love Hilado
09228845847 / 09229355747 / 2660821

When you listen to Bo Sanchez, you’ll change the way you think, enlarge what he calls your “psychological wallet”, and prepare you to receive abundance into your life. And through this seminar…

1. You’ll discover the invisible prisons of your mind that have kept you in financial bondage all these years—and how you can finally break out of those internal prisons!

2. You’ll discover the negative, emotionally-charged, beliefs that have kept you stuck in your financial level all these years—and how you can face them and change them.

3. You’ll conquer the common external obstacles that have always prevented you from moving forward on your road of material abundance.

4. You’ll learn to take 100% responsibility for your financial life, no longer blaming others for your money problems—thereby giving you the power to solve them!

5. You’ll learn how to be spiritually open to the pacific ocean of God’s blessings around you waiting for you to claim them.6. You’ll learn the powerful secret of how to attract wealth to your life.

Attend our Weekly Cebu Feast- Light of Jesus Cebu by Bro. Bo Sanchez
Every Tuesday at CAP AUDITORIUM Jones Avenue Cebu City
7Pm to 9PM (free entrance)
See you all guys at The Cebu Feast - "The happiest place on earth"...

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