Sunday, April 26, 2009

Success Principles 11

Did you decide from yesterday's lesson on a personal
Breakthrough Goal that would up-level everything you do?

If so, then today's mentorship message will help you create
the step-by-step task list for getting that Goal accomplished.

In Principle 8 of The Success Principles -- "Chunk It Down" --
we tell you how to create a mind-map...that is, a picture of
every detail you must accomplish in order to achieve your
Breakthrough Goal.

We detail how to divide your goal into major categories and
tasks, and then into smaller tasks that can be easily
accomplished on a daily basis.

When you "chunk down" a goal like this, it doesn't seem so
daunting or difficult. That's because every large goal is
just a series of smaller goals accomplished over time.
(To see a picture of a mind-map, turn the page 64 of The
Success Principles.)

Of course, there's one way to keep yourself constantly meeting
these smaller goals on a weekly basis -- it's called The High
Achievers 90-Day Success Focusing System.

You can download it here. Print a copy, then each week jot down
just three things from your mind-map you are willing to
accomplish toward meeting your Breakthrough Goal.

You'll be amazed at how fast you achieve small successes and
how much you accelerate the process of meeting your
Breakthrough Goal.

Take time NOW to download the form and create your own mind-map.
Then write down just three things to do each week for the next
12 weeks.

We'll see you tomorrow with another Success Principles message.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Success Principles 10

Are you ready to take one major step forward on your
success path?

This is Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer emailing you to talk
about how YOU can make a quantum leap ahead by establishing
and achieving a breakthrough goal. Imagine a goal that would
"fast forward" you into playing a bigger game -- that is,
enjoying greater riches, experiencing better opportunities,
meeting more powerful people and gaining more valuable

Your breakthough goal should be one that has the ability to
up-level everything you do.

It may be a new skill that would land you that promotion. If
so, make it a goal to acquire that skill soon. Perhaps hiring
a new store manager would let you have dinner with your family
more nights every week. If that's the case, determine how to
pay for that new employee and start looking.

Perhaps your goal is as simple as earning $500 more every
month so you can pay off your mortgage faster. If that's your
breakthrough goal, determine NOW what you can do to bring in
that extra $500.

The mindset you need in order to get going is just a few
minutes away...with the help of The Success Principles and
today's audio lesson from Jack Canfield, which can be heard
by clicking below. (To read the details on Breakthrough Goals,
see page 53.)

Take time NOW to determine what would "fast forward" you on
your success path.

We'll see you tomorrow with another Success Principles message.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Success Principles 9

Have you ever gotten involved in something that zapped your
energy, wasted your time and all came to nothing -- while at
the same time you watched a GREAT opportunity slip away
because you simply didn't have room in your life to pursue it?

This is Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer emailing to talk about
an amazing phenomenon that sometimes trips up even the world's
highest achievers -- getting involved in projects and
activities that take us nowhere, while projects and activities
that would bring us closer to our goal are left unattended to.

In The Success Principles (pages 296-298), we recommend saying
NO to the good, so you'll have time and energy to say YES to
the great.

Take a look at what you're involved in right now. Is it
preventing you from pursuing greater activities?

Worse yet, have you had to turn down great opportunities that
came your way because you were too involved in "ho-hum" or
"busy work" activity?

Take a look at the criteria we use to assess current activity
and future opportunities (you'll find it on page 297). Spend a
few minutes now reading this checklist with your current
activities and pursuits in mind.

Do you need to be saying "no" to the good in your life, so the
great has room to enter in?

And finally, answer the question: What could show up in YOUR
life if you said no to the good?

We'll see you tomorrow with another Success Principles message.


Success Principles 8

Are you ready to hear about the one success principle that
most high achievers credit with bringing them success?

This is Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer emailing you to talk
about today's Mentorship topic...the mastermind group.

We know that many of the greatest minds in human history have
gathered around themselves advisors, experts, fellow scientists
and others to brainstorm, get feedback, ask for guidance and
receive the combined benefit of the spiritual energy that
comes from more than one mind working on solving a problem
and creating an opportunity.

Now it's time for YOU to benefit by forming your own group...
with the help of The Success Principles and today's
downloadable Mastermind Planning Tool.

By following the simple directions on this form, you'll develop
a list of potential members to be in your'll know
what to say to get them to'll learn how to run your
very first meeting...and you'll even have your own planning
tool to make sure you get the most out of every meeting.

When you do contact prospective members, mention that you got
the mastermind idea from reading The Success Principles book.
You can even suggest, once your group begins meeting, that you
end each mastermind session with a "homework assignment" to
read one chapter from The Success Principles.

Through masterminding, you'll discover others who can help you
achieve success faster and more enjoyably than you ever
thought possible.

We'll see you tomorrow with another Success Principles message.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Success Principles 6 and 7

Success Principles #6

It's Jack Canfield here again with another important segment of
The Success Principles Private Mentorship Program.

In Principle #11: See What You Want, Get What You See, I said
that visualization--or the act of creating in your mind vivid
and compelling pictures of what you want--may be the most
underutilized success tool because it greatly accelerates the
achievement of any success.

Research shows that visualization prior to any activity helps
improve your performance--a secret that star athletes and
others have known for decades.

Have you learned yet how to visualize what you want? If not,
grab your list of goals (from the Decide What You Want segment
of the Mentorship Program) and begin by seeing your goals as
already complete. Turn to page 81 of The Success Principles
to review how to visualize. Then make it a daily habit to
"see" yourself achieving your most important dreams.

We'll be back tomorrow with another mentorship message.


Success Principles #7

In today's exciting segment of The Success Principles
Mentorship Program, get ready to learn the top technique used
by the world's richest businesspeople for earning vast wealth
and building successful businesses.

It's Principle #39: Stay Focused on Your Core Genius
And while you may not want to own a large business as these
folks do, you can certainly learn to hone in on what you do
best and delegate everything else. Successful people know what
they do best -- and they move forward by getting better and
better at it.

Imagine you're employed as a salesperson for a large
corporation, yet the paperwork part of your job keeps you from
doing what you do best...selling by phone or in person.

If you could approach your managers and convince them to hire
a part-time assistant to process your paperwork, that would
free you up to make them (and yourself) more money, wouldn't

It's the same with any tasks that keep you from doing what
you do best--or from doing what you want to do most.

Even stay-at-home moms can find helpers to take over the
difficult or tedious work so they can spend more quality time
with their kids. It just takes commitment -- after first
determining what you need to delegate.

To hear what Jack has to say about focusing on your core genius
and delegating what you're not good at, first download the
Delegation Exercise Form, then click here to listen to today's
audio lesson.

Download the Form:

Download the Audio:

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We'll see you tomorrow with another Success Principles message.